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Strategic Battles with Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Studios Sallies Out to Medieval Realms with Its New Online Strategy Game
Hamburg, May 13 2011

The browser game GOODGAME EMPIRE boasts a totally new concept and calls for the tactical skills of its users. Thorough planning of battles and the purposeful usage of the right weapons for sieges and defence determine victory or defeat in this multiplayer strategy game.  GOODGAME EMPIRE will be launched in summer 2011 as beta version on Goodgame Studios’ gaming

Castles and Keeps
As new lord of a castle the player starts his campaign with a small wooden castle and a few buildings. But with a solid strategy the rise to being a powerful sovereign with a flourishing economy, a mighty army and many provinces is not far. Every user can individually develop his castle. Different buildings in various upgrade stages are at each player’s disposal. Step by step a wooden fortress can be transformed into a huge stone bastion. The player needs the buildings in order to produce commodities or to make a stand against other players.

Conquest Strategies for Teams
In GOODGAME EMPIRE users do not only fight against each other they can also form strong alliances. With the help of such an alliance players can conquer outposts together for important resources and support each other in attacks and defence. The users can also trade goods at the market place. Moreover, a continuous campaign with numerous interesting missions and additional tasks offers a special challenge for the players. More information on the MMO strategy game will follow soon.

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